The Law and Single Mums


Every mother has parental responsibility for her kid and is expected to become a caring parent, in case of divorce or separation. While offering child care allows the mother to get maintenance support from the child’s biological father, her rights are significantly conditioned by her marital status. A married mother is more secure than an unmarried one especially when she has children, and her relationship tumbles down.

The Mum’s pride

If the child’s birth certificate features the mother’s name only, then, the mother has sole parental responsibility for the kid’s welfare. Remember, the father’s name can be included on the birth certificate if only he attends the registration. If your child’s father is included in your child’s birth certificate, then, he will share the parental responsibility for the child.

Paternity confirmation

When asked, most fathers confirm paternity. This enables you, the child’s mother, to apply for child support with ease regardless of the brevity of your relationship with the kid’s father. Always remember that established fatherhood acknowledges shared parental responsibility for the kid or children. In case your child’s father is non-resident and is less willing to offer child support, the Child Support Agency can track him down and force him to offer the required support.

The Mum’s rights

A single mum is entitled to claim support from the kid’s father on behalf of the kid. Note that you don’t need to have shared parental responsibility with him to ask for Child Support payments to be determined and collected from him. You and the child’s father can make a child support agreement privately or through the Child Support Agency.

Unless there is a shared parental responsibility agreement, a father can’t access his child without your consent. He can apply for a Contact Order especially if the communication between the two of you has deteriorated. In case the father wants to live with the child, he should apply for Residence Order. However, he may not get the resident order especially if your child is too young as this would mean a shared parental responsibility.

Support Rights

Just because your child’s father is offering support to your child, that doesn’t mean he must see the child. The funds sent should finance the child’s healthcare, education, shelter, food, and clothing. In case you already agreed with your child’s father the specific amount for the child support, it’s wise to present this agreement to court and get it legally accepted in case payment enforcement may be required in the future.


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The Pharmacist That’s Helping to Keep Families Well


When budgets are restricted, it can be very difficult to buy the things that we need, no matter how important they may be. For many families, any available money tends to go on accommodation and food, with little or nothing left over for other items. This can mean that the family will struggle even for important things, such as remedies when people fall ill. Sometimes, this might mean that the family has to put up with symptoms rather than getting them treated. This can be very unpleasant, especially where young children are concerned.

Helping the Needy

One kind pharmacist with Medicinesbymailbox has noticed that some families go without remedies, and has vowed to ensure that people have what they need. “It is not fair that some people have to put up with sickness the way they do”, he said. “It’s not their fault that they fall ill, especially not the children”. “I do my best to make sure that those that really need it have what they need to feel better”, he added. “It’s good to know that I am helping a little”.

Making People More Comfortable

“While many drugs are available on the NHS, those that are not considered to be important are not”, he added. “Some products can be quite expensive and out of the financial reach of many people”. “I do my best to make them more affordable when I can”, he added. “I just want to make good people feel more comfortable, and I think that my efforts really are appreciated”, he finished.


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How Local Authorities Can Help Your Family


Bringing up a family can be very hard work. Families with limited finances can struggle in particular, and even providing the basics can be a challenge. In a nation such as Britain, however, help is available to assist those that are really struggling. Local authorities are set up to help those that are most vulnerable and to help ensure that they get all they need. You might even be surprised at just how much help you might receive if you are a struggling family.

Ask a Local Government Office

If you are unsure of how local authorities can help, then you should simply ask. Contact a local government office and even if somebody there cannot help, they will put you into contact with somebody that can. Local authorities employ experts that know the laws well and know what help is available. They can also give you information on what is required to qualify, and they may even be able to help you make applications.

Nothing to Lose

The worst that could happen is that you could be told that there’s no help available. It doesn’t cost a thing to find out, so there is nothing to lose in making some enquiries. In taking the time to find out, however, you could find that your family’s lives could be made a lot easier. You might be able to reduce some of the stress involved in raising a family. You could also help make sure the kids have what they need for a decent start in life. It’s definitely worth asking, even if you are unsure of whether or not you qualify for assistance.



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Are You a Struggling Single Father? Help is at Hand


Pretty much any couple will find parenting to be a struggle. Kids can be extremely challenging and at times will simply refuse to behave. The extra chores can also be very tiring. The added responsibilities can make life very tough. Parents will often find that they get very little rest. Even the best of couples will sometimes find that it is all too much and need some help.

For a single parent though, things can be twice as difficult. Without a partner to help, they have twice as much work on their hands. They can also be lacking in the emotional support they need. Single parents are often in need of help more than anybody else. Finding partners can be difficult for them though. People tend not to want to take on the responsibility of children that are not their own. The good news though is that a London escort is available to provide some help to single fathers in the area.

Much Needed Assistance

Tania has been working with PalaceVIP for several years and is happy to provide much needed assistance. “I just love kids and people say I am excellent with them”, she said. “Even the naughtiest of children tend to settle down around me”. “It’s great to see children enjoying themselves, while at the same time, behaving themselves”, she added. “I could watch them for hours at times”.

“It’s not just about the kids though, of course”, said Tania. “It’s also about the parents”. “Some poor guys have lost their partners for whatever reason and find themselves bringing up children alone”. “They deserve help as well”, she added. “In getting the kids settled down, I can help give the father a chance to relax”. “It is important that we all get a break from time to time”.

Stress Relief

“Of course, there are other ways of providing some stress relief”, smiled Tania. “A little TLC once the kids are in bed goes a very long way”. “It’s clear to see that so many of these guys have been starved of affection”. “Their lives’ consist of working and then returning home to take care of the kids”, she added. “It must be very tough at times, but they still do it for their kid’s sake”. “I am more than happy to be able to bring a little bit of joy into their lives every now and then”, she concluded.


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