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Many of us dream of the day that we will have children of our own, and for good reason. The love and affection that we get from our children can really help to make life really worth living. There’s also lots of fun to be had. A happy family with children playing happily is often seen as an ideal scenario. The epitome of the perfect life, but it is not always as easy as that.

Even the strongest of families can experience difficulties and bring up children can be extremely challenging at times. Young children can be very difficult to care for at times which can be particularly difficult. If the parents are also busy with other commitments such as work and caring for other family members it will double the difficulties. The good news for any parent that is beginning to struggle though is that valuable advice is never far away.

Listening to Experience.

When it comes to taking advice from others, it is usually best to listen to other people that have actually had some experience in the subject. A lot of so called parenting advice experts in the field are more than happy to give their advice. They will do it without having actually experienced such situations themselves, making it hard to take their advice.

32 year old Janice PalaceVIP,  however, is a London escort that does have a great deal of advice in bringing up children. She has a great deal of advice when it comes to raising families. “I started gaining experience from a young age as I was the oldest of 4 children. I would often have to look after my brothers and sisters”, said Janice. “My parents were often away working, leaving us alone so I had to be the babysitter”.

As well as gaining experience looking after her siblings, Janice has also helped out when friends have had difficulties with their children. She also has 2 children of her own. “I think that looking after kids from a young age has helped me to tune in to what young children want. It helped me to overcome solutions easier”, said Janice. “Sometimes the solution is a lot easier than you might imagine, but a lot of people are unable to understand just what the kids want”, she finished.

Helping Where Possible.

Janice still holds her job as a London escort but makes herself available to give advice whenever possible, and she has acquired a great reputation as somebody that is there to help. “I often get calls from friends when they are having difficulties with their kids and I am always happy to help when I can”, she said. “I often get a delicious thank you meal in return and it’s nice to feel appreciated”, she said. “It’s mostly my escort friends that ask for my help but others call me as well”. She added. “I got a call from somebody I’d never even met once, I wasn’t sure about going but they turned out to be a celebrity chef and they treated me to a delicious meal”, she finished.

Author:Cameron Meyer